Given the scope of issues that affect IT practices, students may choose to discuss any computer crime/cyberlaw element, including cultural, political, legal, technological and competitive issues that can potentially affect people and the legal system.

The report should illustrate current cases and/or practices related to the course material. Each student must relate their topic to information obtained from the course materials and lectures. Give a short description of what the article is about and how it relates to the course material (A minimum of 1-full page). Your submission should include your own thoughts about the article. That is, it should include relevant observations, implications and questions about the article. You need to be prepared to discuss your article in class. Be sure to have 3-5 questions prepared to ask the class. (You must submit the questions with your assignment). You will receive two grades, one for the assignment submission which is due Monday, January 15th at 8:00 am. The second grade will be assigned after you discuss your research in class. DO NOT discuss the below topics:
– Target
– Neiman Marcus
– TJ Maxx
– Yahoo!
– Verizon
– Gonzalez
– Stuxnet
– RSA Security
– Anthem
– EquifaxThink outside of the box when researching issues for this assignment. Try to stay away from hacking incidents. There are hundreds of legal and technology issues that you will find.

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