Giotto di Bondone

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**This is not a Research Paper but a formal analysis paper.

Assignment Instructions
Your 6 page term paper is DUE AT THE END OF THIS WEEK- WEEK 7 . Visit the APUS online library. They have electronic rights to JSTOR, which is a journal storage database. It contains solid, scholarly, referred articles on which you can rely for accurate information. This is the opposite of the “fast food” Wikipedia. You may not use Wikipedia as a reference for your paper.

Your paper should include a 2 page biography of THE ARTIST. In addition the paper should include a description, formal analysis, and interpretation of 2 works of art/architecture by that artist. THE WORKS YOU CHOOSE DO NOT HAVE TO BE COVERED IN THE BOOK, BUT THE ARTIST MUST BE. Each analysis should be 2 pages in length. The analysis portion of this assignment must follow the Writing a Critique format you used for your Museum Paper.
In other words you must deliver in MLA Style:

•A 2 page biography of your artist
•A 2 page description, formal analysis, and interpretation of the first work of art
•A 2 page description, formal analysis, and interpretation for the second work of art
•In a conclusion, tell me why you chose this artist
•A Bibliography with 6 reference sources: 2 journals, 2 books minimum.
•DO NOT USE YOUR BOOK as a reference.

•DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as a reference.

•You may use Museum websites or other scholarly sources.

•NO “next door neighbor’s” websites.

•Give me good research, not mythological musings from someone.

•Use double spacing, approx 250 words on a page (Arial 10 or Times-NewRoman 12).

•Remember to write your paper in a Word doc.

•You may include images if you wish.
DO NOT FORGET: Use your Writing a Critique Art Notes that is in your Week 1 Lesson for the analysis and description and interpretation. This is a formal research paper, written in the third person, but I would like you to end with why you chose this artist. REMEMBER: you need to deliver 6 pages of text at 250 words per page, and use MLA. If you are unfamiliar with MLA, review it on the APUS online library website.

Wikipedia note: It is an unjuried source, meaning that anyone can post there, even those who know nothing about the subject. AMU has a great library for source material. Start there.

Internet Sources to use as you wish:
Writing Resources

Purdue OWL Writing Resources

Miracosta LibraryMLA Style Samples

Here is a sampling of internet sources for your use:

Art and Architecture Sites:

Louvre Museum in France

Metropolitan Museum in New York

British Museum

The National Gallery

Rodin Museum

Musee d’Orsay Home Page

The Musee Matisse in Nice, France

The Andy Warhol Museum


Artists of any era up to the late 19th century

Buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture of any era

Of course you may do an internet search for any of your artists/architects, JUST KEEP THEM SCHOLARLY

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