Geology (and other Earth Sciences)

Download the two files Beach Investigation Graph Paper.pdf and Beach Investigation.pdf.
The third xls file is a sample plot file to help you get started on your plotting of the graph.
For your graph you should have 3 plotted lines. Each line represents a different beach profiles (eroded, restored and post-restoration)
Youtube – Understanding a Beach Profile

Follow the directions on the Beach Investigation PDF and answer all the questions. You will submit two (2) files:
1.In a separate document, submit your answers (3 points each, total 30 points).
2.Submit a scanned copy or a clear picture of your graph. While this can be done with Google Draw, it’s difficult to interpret the data (3 points for each line, 1 point for labels, total 10 points).

Make sure you plot the graph first. Then you can answer the questions.

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