Geography Project


Your Geographic Footprint

The world impacts you and choices you make every day, and you leave an imprint on the world
Part 1 of the Geography Project (The Places we live): (Due Monday, April 28th)
Places to Live
Complete HYPERLINK “” to identify your top cities based on the criteria asked
(keep in mind that you must register on the site in order to view your results)
Create a list of the top 24 cities for you (optional to turn in, it will not be part of the graded assignment)
Pick 3 of these locations and provide short summary of the locations (click on city link and pick highlights from the report) and include your reaction to these and the other 21 locations. Were you shocked? Did you agree? Would you move? Had you ever thought about that city as a possibility to move to (or visit)? Have you been to any of these three cities?
Approximately 1 page summary of your reaction

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