2) How has Japan compensated for its limited physical resource base to achieve a high level of economic development?

3) In Japan, what is the term “Rising Sun” in reference to?

4) Although Japan is often compared with Great Britain because both are island nations off the coast of larger landmasses, why is Japan considered more isolated than Great Britain?

5) Although Japan is a little larger than California in total land area, why does Japan’s population of 127 Million only live in area comparable to the state of Indiana?

6) Who are the Burakumin of Japan? What group of people in India are they often compared to?

7) Although South Korea is a highly developed and prosperous nation, South Korea receives criticism directed towards the nation’s handling of its labor force. Why does this nation receive such criticism?

8) What is Korea’s Sunshine Policy? What are some of the effects of this policy that have already occurred?

(1) What are the seven major regions of Mexico? Of the seven
regions, what region is considered the poorest region?

2) What is a maquiladora? Where are maquiladoras mostly
located in Mexico? What products do maquiladoras
currently produce in present-day?

3) What are some of the negative aspects of maquiladoras
for Mexico? What are some of the criticisms of
maquiladoras from the American point of view?

4) What are the three phases of agricultural development in
Mexico and what were the major contributions that
resulted from each phase?

5) When did Puerto Rico become part of the United States?
What was the event that resulted in the U.S. taking
possession of Puerto Rico? What is current status of
Puerto Rico (what is it officially referred as in terms of
designation)? What proportion of Puerto Rico’s
population favors Puerto Rico becoming a U.S. state?

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