Genetically modified foods have the potential to benefit our world in many ways that must be recognized and analyzed in an educated manner. Explain

Complete a final essay based on Final Report outline. Final Report: Part 1 Outline
Introductory Paragraph
Thesis Sentence: Genetically modified foods have become a staple in modern society, though they remain stigmatized as unnatural and harmful; the real issue, however, is a vast miseducation of the public, as these foods can actually benefit our world more so than harm it. Paragraph: Genetically modified organisms, more commonly known as GMOs, have led to many innovations in the modern world. This is especially true for genetically modified foods. We can better maintain and manage food supplies, reduce hunger, and create new options for individuals affected by food-related disorders. The safety of GM foods has been brought into question by many, and for good reason; however, miseducation has led to irrational fears surrounding GMOs. Responsible GMO use enables us to safely use GM foods for the benefit of our world.
Paragraph 2: Position (Write a topic sentence that supports your thesis and provides a transition between the paragraphs. Then, record at least three details that provide support for the topic sentence.)

Detail A: GM foods can help counter the issue of quickly-depleting natural resources for farming and agricultural needs, while also removing some environmental strain.
Detail B: GM foods can help effectively reduce world hunger, especially in third world countries ravished by starvation.
Detail C: Food-related disorders such as celiac disease can be countered (i.e., gluten-free, GM wheat), thereby creating a means of feeding countless indiviuals affected by these diseases.
Paragraph 3: Opposition (To present a fair argument you need to research and outline some of the common positions that dispute your position (i.e. if you are for chocolate for your position, here you would be writing why chocolate is bad). Write a topic sentence that supports your thesis and provides a transition between the paragraphs. Then, record at least three details that provide support for the topic sentence.)
Topic Sentence: Genetically modified foods, though beneficial in many ways, may also carry several negative effects that must be considered for responsible use.
Detail A: Further studies need to be carried out to understand the full impact of GMOs on both humans and the environment.
Detail B: The environmental impact of GM crop strains crossing with non-GM strains.
Detail C: The unpredictability of genetic manipulation leads to potential dangers associated with unknown side effects.
Paragraph 4: Rebuttal
Topic Sentence: There are still reasons to approach GMOs with realistic expectations, responsible use, and an understanding of the unknown factors involved; however, many reasons for concern have been put to rest in our modern times, and the benefits of GM foods greatly outweigh the potential risks.
Detail A: There are over 100 verified-safe GM foods on the market that have passed rigorous safety inspections and, according to the WHO, no negative impacts on human health have been found in countries where GM food consumption is widespread.
Detail B: GM foods can actually benefit the environment by reducing resource usage and increasing sustainability.
Detail C: Genetic manipulation has become much more precise and reliable in recent years thanks to implementation of the CRISPR-Cas9 system, which is supported by a plethora of research within the genetic community.
Concluding Sentence: Genetically modified foods have been shown by multiple bodies of research over many years to provide more benefit than risk; the most harmful aspect is the widespread stigma surrounding these foods, which can be countered with responsible use and increased education of the advantages they can provide to our world.
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