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Annotated Bibliography/Research Project

Note: Make sure you know where to submit this assignment before you begin working on it. Do not send me a message the day before the assignment is due telling me you do not know how to submit the assignment. You may not use this assignment as the one late assignment for the semester.

Purpose: This assignment fulfills several objectives including library research, critical thinking, organization, research development and practice, creative writing, correct implementation of MLA format for works cited pages, patience, and perseverance. I am not asking you to write a paper. This is a research assignment only. Choose an issue that has significance to you and search for information that supports your perspective in the issue. Treat your work as an attorney would approach her case. You have to find evidence to support your side of the argument.

Discussion: Your research project requires you to not only search out and uncover information of support for a topic, but also to accurately evaluate how useful and reliable that material proves to be. For this paper, you will fulfill your work for your research project by completing the following tasks:

(1) Send me an abstract (paragraph) detailing your topic of research about an issue
related to the media, human rights, identity, or gender, and itemize the databases
that will be used with points of support. Send this to me by the end of lesson six. I must have this proposal for you to receive credit for this assignment. Please do not research anything to do with abortion and/or the legalization of marijuana. Your position on the issue must be clear in the abstract.

(2) Create an annotated bibliography – Due 12/10/12. No extensions. Please do not ask.
First create an introductory paragraph that explains what you have researched and why.
Follow that paragraph with the 15 resources. Use a minimum of seven different resources found on the school databases to procure your data. Use the college databases only and cite the database in the correct format in the bibliography. Use the Ask a Librarian link on the library website if you have any questions.

How to create an annotated bibliography:
An annotated bibliography means you locate sources available from the Miracosta library databases. For this assignment you must use at least 7 different sources for a total of 15 sources for the assignment. Use, as a minimum, one scholarly journal, one magazine, a newspaper and at least one book as your choice for resources. Limit your newspaper articles to two only.

In the body of the annotated bibliography, you will correctly cite the source using MLA format. Under that citation, you will write a paragraph briefly explaining the relevance of the source to your topic. These paragraphs should be no shorter than 5 sentences: no longer than 10. The entry should provide a brief summary of the source and tell how the source serves your research. Index cards prove useful as a tool for keeping your citations organized, as they can be easily manipulated for alphabetization.

References: Select a diverse set of sources. Here are some suggestions: resources from Opposing Viewpoints, from Proquest, from CQ Researcher, and reference books. Use any other databases that you are familiar with and textbooks as well. Do not use material from browsers such as Google or Yahoo. You are required to use a minimum of 7 different sources.

Cite the sources using the example provided in this lesson (MCC Library MLA handout). Do not simply click on the citation link in the resource listing; doing so will cost you points.

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