I will upload an article in which the essay is must be written about that article ( article about gambling)

Essay 4: Research Article Review
Scholarly research is one way that society addresses social problems and seeks to find solutions to such
problems. Scholarly research is rigorous examination of social issues that involves using systematic
scientific procedures and processes. The culmination of scholarly research often involves publishing a
study in an academic journal. One such journal that publishes scholarly research is Social Problems,
which is published by the Society for the Study of Social Problems. For this essay, you need to read and
review an article from the journal Social Problems. Your essay must address the following points:
• Definition and description: What is the social problem, issue, or topic that is addressed in the
• Justification: Does the author justify why the problem, issue, or topic is important or deserves
attention? Who is the intended audience of the study?
• Main idea: What are main findings, arguments, or conclusions the author is trying to
• Critique: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the article? Is the article coherent and
clear? Is the research objective or is there ideological bias? Does the author make any
recommendations for policy changes or future research?
Note: The article must be found in the journal Social Problems and you must provide a reference for the
article at the end of your essay.

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