fundraising skills

create a fundraising strategy document for a non profitable or charitable organisation with a word count of 2000 words, you may find it suitable to concentrate your plan on a particular organisation.your fundraising plan should be professional and appropriately presented for your audience ( senior management team/trusties) consider the following headings as a guide to the structure of your course work. cover page; include title,time period addressed in the plan, author,name of confidentiality restrictions. executive summary- one page summary of the main issues in the fundraising plan. table of content- detailed key section and sub-sections financial audit swot analysis ( compulsory) fundraising objectives fundraising strategies tactics project budget schedule management structure monitoring control contingencies sustainability/exit strategy appendices your aproach through out should reflect the highest standards of professional practice and should be guided by the appropriate codes of fundraising practices as published by the institute of fundraising. it should also reflect demonstrated knowledge aligned to learning outcomes 1-5 please pay close attention to the criterias

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