Frodo in Lord of the Rings






Frodo in Lord of the Rings

The movie, Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Rings, displays the character Frodo as the main protagonist. Frodo, who is a hobbit, is displayed as a character who engages in a dangerous mission of trying to destroy the Ring of Dark Lord Sauron. This is in order to prevent Sauron from conquering the Middle-earth. The film, through Frodo and various other characters, brings out different aspects of mythology. The character of Frodo has been used specifically to bring out the aspect of hero archetype.

A hero archetype is a universal model of a character who in the face of danger displays great skill and courage. The individual’s character and personality is one that is greatly emulated. The typical life of a hero archetype begins with an extraordinary childhood. The childhood is characterized by great affluence or suffering and poverty. In the movie, Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Rings, Frodo is depicted as an orphan who is later adopted by Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo, who was Frodo’s spiritual father, greatly protected Frodo during his childhood. This is typical of mythological hero archetypes. After the disappearance of his spiritual father, Frodo displayed great destiny and inheritance that characterize the lives of heroes of this type. After the disappearance of Bilbo, Frodo found out that he was Bilbo’s spiritual heir. The fact that he had Brandybuck blood also made him queer among the rest of the hobbits. For his decent, the Sackville-Bagginses greatly resented him.

In many tales, the hero archetypes usually set out on a quest. In many instances, these quests are first seen as mistakes. In the movie the, Frodo began by rejecting his call. He was supported by Bilbo who tried to persuade Gandalf that in choosing Frodo he had made the wrong choice. This was when Gandalf revealed that Frodo was the one chosen to be the ring bearer. After Bilbo handed over the Ring to him, Frodo delayed his departure. When he finally left the Shire, he believed that his role was to merely get to Rivendell and give the Ring to an individual who possessed more capabilities than he did.

Most hero archetypes usually have guardians who posses special capabilities to aid them in getting to their destinies. In his quest, Frodo together with his friend Sam encountered a number of guardians. Frodo’s first guardian was Bilbo who possessed more wisdom and protected him from danger. Bilbo acted as his archetypal parent. Later on in the film, Frodo met Tom Bombadil and Goldberry who acted as his guardians. The two gave him advice and supplements to aid him in his quest.

Frodo’s experiences in this film are universal to humankind. This is because he went through circumstances that are commonly faced by others around the world. The film displayed him as having a difficult childhood as an orphan. This is a representation of the many individuals around the world. Many people go through various challenges because of their backgrounds as orphans. Frodo also showed uncertainty in purpose. When it was revealed to him that he bore the role of the keeper of the Ring, he felt incompetent and unable to carry out the task. In the same way, many individuals are usually confused in regards with their purpose in life.  There are times when people undermine themselves and feel incompetent to carry out their tasks in life.

Frodo provided an exemplary model for individuals to emulate. He displayed great bravery and managed to triumph over challenges. This bravery was seen when he faced challenges like Caradhras, Wargs and Balrog. He managed to pass these trials with the help of the fellowship. This fellowship comprised of Sam, Merry and Pippin. Later own, the fellowship added Boromir, Gimil, Gandalf and Legols to it. This showed an aspect of cooperation. From the life of Frodo, individuals learn the importance of allowing others to help them in their various life tasks.

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