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Part 2: Certain characteristics, themes, and attitudes appear in the explorers we read about this week. In particular, among many other themes, there are interesting responses by each to the Native Americans, the land, and the opportunities. Choose two from Columbus, Verrazzano, deVaca, Champlain or Smith and discuss the themes and ideas you found most important. Contrast how these writings and ideas would be received today.

Answer the higher order questions of how and why in discussion responses. All discussions referring, responding, or relating to works of literature must be accompanied by in text quotes (or paraphrases) and cites. Please ensure you are properly quoting and citing in MLA format. Remember if there is a citation on the Works Cited page that source must have been used in the body of the forum post. If there is an in text cite in the forum post, that source must be listed on the Works Cited page. They go together and one must accompany the other.

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