Fortune Best and worse

Locate a company of your choice (the Fortune Best and Worst website may be helpful). You may also choose your employer. In Chapter 1 of the required readings, you will find a nine–item list entitled, “The New Business HR Agenda,” followed by a checklist of 56 questions in Chapter 5. Answer all questions fully about your company (all sections are explained in the text). Next, go to the website and complete the questions. Do not go to the website first. You will save yourself time by completing the questions in a Word document and then go to the website. What are the priority areas and relevant actions? How would you address these as the leader for your organization? Include your report as an Appendix. (LO 4)

Minimum 2 page requirement. Make sure your paper is in compliance with APA style guidelines.
Our book is in ebooks, can not download,

Title: Leadership and Management in the 21st Century : Business
Challenges of the Future

Authors: Cooper, Cary L.

Publication Information: Oxford University Press. 2005

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