FortBake Oven






FortBake Oven

A pictorial representation of an object not only defines its physical attributes, but also presents a narrative of other attributes. In this light, FortBake is an image that depicts an oven, presenting both its traits and purposes. It is notable that the principal focus of the picture is the oven itself and not those around it. As a result, the viewer gets a feel of both the internal and external sections of the oven. A male and female individual can also be seen in the picture with the former using a hand fork to turn the baking bread. These individuals can be considered as a portrayal of the disparate purposes of the oven. In essence, the picture is a guide of how the oven is utilized in its functions with the people around it being used as a demonstration of how it is used.

Formal Analysis

The picture portrays the theme of working together. It shows how man and woman can perform the same task. For instance, the viewers see how the man and the woman are baking; they form a mood of working in their minds. Additionally, they form a mood where man and woman are working together to bake the cake. On the other hand, other viewers can form the theme of a serious society. According to the picture, the man and the woman are seriously working together towards the completion of their task. The colors of the picture can speak to the viewers. This is because the white and black colors are blending in together with the help of shades of cream and other colors (ICW-NET, LLC. 2011).

From the observation, it can be noted that the picture contains varied textures. The picture has both a smooth feeling and a rough texture. This rough texture is portraying the different tasks of the oven while the smooth texture is for showing the outline of the different pictures. In addition to this, the smooth texture of the picture helps the viewers to observe the features of the oven. (ICW-NET, LLC. 2011). In general, the texture of the picture describes the parts of an oven and functions of an oven giving the viewers a clear picture of how an oven looks like and how it can be used.


There is a deeper meaning behind the naked eye. What people are seeing in the picture is the man and the woman baking the cake. What should be noted in the picture, are the roles played by the different genders in the society. It can be seen that men are superior to women. Women are being treated like slaves while their counterparts are being treated like kings. This is because the man in the picture is given a tool, the hand fork to use because kings or the superiors do no want to get themselves dirty or tired. On the other hand, the woman is only using her hands exposing herself to certain dangers like being burnt. The slaves were the only people who were exposed to danger by their superiors (ICW-NET, LLC. 2011).

Secondly, the colors of the pictures show the peace and harmony on one side, evil on the other side. The white color surrounding the man and the woman shows that they are peaceful in their homes. Additionally, it shows that the man and the woman were meant to be together thus resulting to marriage. Moreover, it has completed what the circle of the society. On the other hand, the black color shows how the woman is being oppressed when it comes to work. The men are selfish hence; they do not want to hurt themselves. Instead, they use the women as there servants, exposing them to danger. This shows the darker side of men where they are inhuman.

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