food inc

View the documentary “Food, Inc.”

After viewing the film, provide a response (typed, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, small header, no title page)

Questions to help prompt a response (provided but not limited to):

What do you think of the film’s assertions? Agree? Disagree? Why or Why not?

Does this prompt thoughts of finding less conventional ways to buy meat? Why or Why not? Or perhaps thoughts of eating more of a plant based diet? Why or Why not? Would that be something you could live with?

This film attempts to “lift the veil” as to how food is mass produced and the major corporate entities and government agencies/officers that profit from such production. What do you think of this?

Where do you see yourself in 30 years? Disease free? Normal weight? Physically active?

How will you secure a healthy future for yourself? What healthy behaviors, do you think, help you live the best quality of life? Does this film have any impact on your future choices/decisions?

As I said, these are not required questions to answer, you may be very comfortable providing what you think of the film for at least a page and a half. But, should you need a prompt, feel free to use those. I’m simply looking for a thoughtful response.

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