Finance 3050
$100,000 Investment Project Outline
1. You begin the project with $100,000 to invest.

2. During the first week of the semester, you must select five (5) companies for your portfolio.
These companies must be worth at least $5 per share at the time you purchase the stock. Use the
closing prices on when setting up your portfolio. You will decide how much of the
$100,000 to invest in each stock. You then divide this amount by the price of the stock to arrive
at the number of shares you are purchasing for each of your five (5) stocks. Round the number of
shares to the nearest whole unit. Do not use fractional shares.
($ Amount Invested / Price per Share = # of Shares)

3. At the beginning of class on Jan. 15, you will hand in 1) the names of the five companies you selected and 2) how many shares you will purchase of each stock. You then will continue to track these stocks ( and record their weekly prices (Friday’s closing price each week). It is not necessary to hand in each week unless asked by your instructor.

4. You may not use any derivatives, options, mutual funds, shorts, etc. (Only Stocks)

5. There is no trading. Once your stocks are selected, you must keep and follow the same stocks the entire semester.

6. Along with your five stocks, you need to track the S&P 500’s weekly value. This market index will serve as the “Benchmark” for our game. Each week you need to compare your portfolio’s performance to that of the index. The S&P 500’s value can be found each day on the front of the Money & Investing section of the Wall Street Journal or any other investment website.

7. Set-up a spreadsheet to track your portfolio’s performance. Remember to use the closing prices for the stocks on Friday of each week.

8. At the end of the semester, you will hand in a final summary of your portfolio. The summary should be 1-2 pages and must answer the following questions:
– How did you select your stocks? What criteria did you use?
– What is the beta of your portfolio? (Please do not ask the instructor how to calculate your Beta……we have covered this in 3040 and 3050. Hint, your beta will be how your portfolio performed against the benchmark).
– Did you beat the market (our Benchmark)? Include your calculations.
– What did you learn from the game and what would you differently given your new knowledge?


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