Final week

Introduction should include a summary of various sources/content of the literature (websites, books, journals, etc) to convince reads of depth of inquiry.
F. There is literature-based description of the research variables (quantitative studies), or potential themes and perceptions to be explores (qualitative studies).
Section 2
Date Collection – Instruments. This section presents:
E. Processed for assessment of reliability and validity of the instrument(s)
F. Processes needed for participants to complete instrument,
G. Describe where raw data will be available (appendices, tables, or by request from the researcher).
H. Include a detailed description of data the comprise each variable in the study.
I. Discussed strategies used to address threats to validity, test-retest reliability, internal consistency, among other.
J. Discuss any adjustments or revision to the use of standardized research instrument that were made.
K. Identify where in appendices the instrument (or copy of permission to use instrument or purchase is located. Ensure Table of Contents lists appendices.
Data Analysis
E. Tie in how data relates to theoretical/conceptual framework of the study.


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