Final Project/Project

Choose your life journey or the life of a historical figure, such as Florence Nightingale, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, or Muhammad Ali. (These are just examples)

With either of the above, you are to write a 8-10 page paper of the life journey of yourself or the historical figure you chose and address each of the developmental stages using Freud, Erikson, or Maslow’s theories to discuss the psychosocial development. Describe the life journey and consider whether the concepts for the theory you chose were notable in the life during that stage, the impact it had on you or the other person, and whether your/their life would be a good case study to support the theory. Use your text and a minimum of at least 4 other peer-reviewed journal articles to highlight specific areas of your journey and the theory. For example, if you are discussing the death of a parent when you were a child, and you are using Erikson’s theory, you might want to do a search for Erikson and death of a parent in childhood; or, you may want to do a search for articles related to the use of Maslow’s theory across the lifespan in order to pull out ideas as you are considering your own life. The following stages of life must be included:

1.Prenatal and Infancy
2.Early Childhood
3.Middle Childhood
5.Emerging Adulthood
6.Adulthood (assuming you or your historical figure has reached 30)
7.Late Adulthood (if you or your historical figure have or did reach that).
Although the paper is to be written in APA format, given the application of the theory to your own life, the paper may be written in the first person. However, if you are writing about another individual you must use the third person.

You are to describe the stages of development of the theorist you are using and show application in the life reviewed.

APA format
4 peer-reviewed journal articles are used to support the paper

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