Final Project Internship


Final Project Internship









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                                                          1st, August, 2012









            My name is Abdulrhman Al-sheeb and I major in economics. My goal is to work in a Realestatedar Company that will make me excel in my field of professionalism. Working in this Company will increase my skills and knowledge in economics which will be vital in being a competent individual.

  1. Learning objectives

While working in the customer services. I intend to complete various tasks such as conduct periodical and initial surveys of clients to evaluate satisfaction levels and user expectations.  Still, I will implement a mission statement that accentuate on the importance of quality customer services throughout the company.  In the company, whenever I get a list of places for rent or sell I start my work there. With this in mind, I will start my work in the company by enhancing growth in my area of assignment. In essence, the task will be measured and evaluated by myself and in so doing I will evaluate the growth enhanced by the tasks completed then access the results. I will complete the task in the end of the summer.

            Secondly, I intend to complete the task of working in the office for selling and purchasing cars. To accomplish this task, I aim to meet the manager of the dealer who will train and give me some ideas on what is required in this job. He will explain why this kind of job requires one to be friendly with people. The task will be measured and evaluated by the work completed and the number of cars sold and bought on a daily basis. This task will be completed before June. Thirdly, I intend to order online parts from U.S and U.K. To accomplish this task, I will organize the list of the necessities and online parts from the two countries as I keep tracking and knowing the stuff well. The task will be measured and evaluated by experience since clients will not be pleased by getting the order late or what they have not ordered. Will complete this task by the end of the semester, which will be first of August.

            Fourthly, I will complete the task of training to use database which I will accomplish by knowing the stuff and seeing the plan to be sure of the information. The task will be measured and evaluated by rules which will ensure that completion of tasks as per guidelines set. The task will be completed on 14th may, 2012. Lastly, I will complete the task of working in the library. To accomplish this, I will inform the employees on what is required there. I will  complete this task on Friday.

  1. Accomplishment

Yes, I finished the above learning objectives.

  1. How I completed the objectiveS

While working in the customer care services, I completed the task by providing supportive programs of leadership, training, and rewards that eventually upheld exceptional customer services both internal and external. To complete the task of selling and purchasing cars, I met the manager of the dealer who trained and gave me some ideas on the requirement of the job. He explained to me on the need to maintain excellent customer services by being friendly to people. This created a strong platform to increase the number of customers who willingly bought the cars. I completed the task of ordering online parts from U.S and U.K by organizing the list of the necessities and online parts from the two countries as I tracked and knew stuffs well. This was a great opportunity to understand what augments success in this task. At the end, it increased clients’ satisfaction as they would get their order at the appropriate time.

Knowing the stuff and being sure of the plan augmented the completion of the task of training to use database. I was lucky to learn more on database as different stuff gave their views on this task. Lastly, I completed the task of working in the library by informing the employees on their duties and responsibilities. Still, working as a team was vital in ensuring completion of the task.

  1. Skills developed and demonstrated

As a result of working on this objective I developed a number of skills which improved my professional and personal life. I have been equipped with what excellent customer service entails. I learnt that the attention one pays to customer service is worth since it creates chances of selling more services and products. At the end of the task, I had relevant information of what designate excellent customer services. Now, I can relate well with clients by recording details of comments, complaints, or inquiries. While working in the office for selling and purchasing cars I have learnt public relation on how different clients react and how to handle them. Clients differ in personalities and while working with them have learnt how to handle different personalities. Overall, it has built my social life as I have learnt the secret of being friendly to all.

Ordering online parts from U.S and U.K. has increased my knowledge on information technology. While researching online, I have been better equipped with technological skills that are fundamental in the 21st Century. The modern world requires an individual who’s equipped with information technology as everything evolve technology. Completing the task of training to use database has increased my skills on database. Now, I can effectively use database which is fundamental in my professional. Lastly, working in the library has expounded my mind on how to form a team work for a successful task.





  1. How the objectives benefited the Company

             The objectives benefited the company in various ways. First, the Company’s sales and profits increased through utilizing excellent customer services. Customer satisfaction enhanced a remarkable growth on the number of clients purchasing products transforming the first time clients to becoming frequent and potential clients. Understanding my job position augmented growth in the Company as I effectively utilized my skills and knowledge to improve the company. Particularly, while working in the library I created a team that comprehended their duties and responsibilities. This created an opportunity for the Company to anticipate the benefits that emerge from team work and understanding of one’s duties. From these objectives, the Company experienced a remarkable element of customer pride and satisfaction along with encouraged employees to be passionate about the organization (Sweitzer and King 22).

            Lastly, there was a notable growth as the Company achieved by large investors, higher sales, and heavily invest on the future growth. The objectives challenged the Company to embrace change in various aspects to stay ahead of other competitors. It was a wakeup call to highlight ways that would improve and retain the Company growth. With no doubt the idea of internship is desirable for it does not improve an individual life but the Company. I believe participating in internship is meaningful as it gives one an opportunity to learn more and enhance change in the organization taking place.

Work cited

Sweitzer, Frederick, and King, Mary. The Successful Internship: Personal, Professional, and         Civic             Development. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, 2009. Print.

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