Film & Theater studies

The documentary you need to watch is “Exit Through the Gift Shop” (Banksy, 2010).

This is what journey assignment is: The journal assignment allows you to reflect upon and assimilate the wide range of films within the context provided by the readings and our discussions. The following is a series of guidelines for your journal:
1.Provide the title, filmmaker, and a brief summary of the film.
2.Give a brief evaluative response to the film. This is your opportunity to express personal reactions and ideas spurred by the work. Remember – personal response is only one element of these journal entries. Liking or disliking the work is only the starting point for an interrogation of why.
3. Analyze the relationship between the film and the course material under consideration as presented in the readings, and our discussions. This is the portion of the journal that requires you to analyze and think critically. This is also the context within which to consider the structures and strategies of the filmmakers, as well as his or her means of expression. What questions are raised by the work with regard to issues of documentary practice? What, if any, new ground is broken by the piece, and what impact might it have upon theoretical premises or art-making protocols? In what ways does the piece illustrate or challenge the ideas contained in the writings? Analysis of this sort will be continually illustrated throughout our discussions. While this may be the most challenging category of response, particularly at the outset, you are likely to become more skillful at this kind of critical practice as the semester continues.

For the course materials, here are 2 book that you should use as 2 sources:
• Bill Nichols, Introduction to Documentary, 2nd Ed. (Indiana U Press, 2010) • Betsy McLane, A New History of Documentary Film (Continuum Press, 2012)
I don’t have PDFs of these books.

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