FIL hw

Responses to TWO of the following questions (250~300 word count per question). ALWAYS cite from the assigned materials in your responses. List which questions you answered.


R. Zamora Linmark. Leche. Please read the first half of the novel.

(iLearn) Vicente L. Rafael, “Ugly Balikbayans and Heroic OCWs” (1997).

(Online) Video: Adobo Nation, “Tambayan: Leche” (2012).

(Online) Images: Michael Arcega, SPAM/MAPS, In Gaud We Trust, Manila Galleon Trade, Conquistadourkes.

(Online) Video: Michael Arcega on KQED SPARK (2006).

1. What is Vicente Rafael’s assessment of the balikbayan? Do you agree with him? Why/why not? In Leche, is the character Vicente de los Reyes an “ugly balikbayan”? How so/why/why not?

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