Federal Reserve: Quantitative Easing

Your topic for the Gordon Rule paper is: “Describe at least 3 economic issues (pro and/or con) concerning the Federal Reserves policy known as Quantitative Easing (QE)”.  This is NOT a personal opinion paper but a research paper;therefore, it MUST be properly cited both within the paper and at the end of the paper on a “Works Cited” page.
•    Your paper should be between 750 and 1000 words.
•    It should include at least 3 professional sources within your paper (encyclopedias, especially Wikipedia, are not acceptable as a reference, nor are any textbooks, including your own textbook for this course). All references should be no earlier then 2010.
•    The paper should follow the APA format for formal writing.
•    A Works Cited page must be included.
•    Your paper needs to be submitted to turnitin.com and receive an originality report score of less than 30% copied material. Both your draft copy and your final copy need to be submitted to turnitin.com before your instructor will consider grading them.
•    Plagiarism is a serious academic offense, so be certain you always reference your work in your paper as well as on the Works Cited page (This is where a draft copy truly helps students who are not familiar with writing papers!!!!).
•    If you need help with this please email your instructor immediately for assistance.
•    A draft of your paper is due a month before the final document for correction of errors you may have, and returned to you for you to update before the final document is required. There is a grade of 10 points for the draft and 40 points for the final document. Check the course calendar for important dates!
If your paper is not considered to be of College-level writing status, the highest grade you can achieve in this course is a “D”, no matter what your grades on other assignments and exams (this is Florida law, NOT your instructor’s rule).

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