Fatty Acid Composition of Cells Grown at Different Temperatures, GCMS analysis

the research should clearly consist of critical answers to the following:
1. A description of how the composition of fatty acids in the E. coli changed in response to growth temperature.
**( based on literature)

2. An indication of how the changes you found in membrane composition would be expected to affect the fluidity of the bacterial membrane.
**( to answer the 2nd question, during lab we prepared few samples under different conditions, however, my sample was under 37˚C, which should be compared to the standard composition of fatty acids at various temperature. After that, we run those samples through GC-MS to detect and identify the composition of fatty acids in each sample. And the obtained results were attached to this order, please have a look at them as well I had gathered the results in a table to help you visualize them. Please analyze the data and answer question 2 based on the analysis.

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