farewell to manzanar

English 70/ Essay Three
For your third essay assignment of the semester, you will be writing an essay in which you identify and explain what you believe to be the most significant theme in Farewell to Manzanar.

In your introduction, you should briefly summarize the plot, identifying the important main characters. At the end of your introduction, clearly state your thesis; for this particular essay, your thesis is simply a statement of what you believe to be the most significant theme in the novel.

Each paragraph of the body of your essay should describe in detail a scene in the novel that illustrates the theme. Each paragraph should also analyze the scene, and explain why and how you think that scene illustrates the theme of the novel.

In your conclusion, explain how the theme you have written about has relevance or significance in life today. What connections can you make between life in general today and the events, experiences and ideas portrayed in the novel?

Some Things to Remember:
1. Make sure that you always underline the title of the novel and include the authors full name
the first time you mention the novel. If you refer to the author again later in the essay, you can
use the authors last name only.
2. Make sure each of your paragraphs begins with a clear topic sentence that states the main
idea in that paragraph. In this essay that would be a general statement regarding how/why the scene you are about to discuss illustrates the theme.
3. Be sure each paragraph is fully developed with plenty of supporting details that describe and analyze the scene completely. Be sure that all details support the topic sentence of each paragraph. Any details that do not support the topic sentence should either be deleted or be put in their own paragraph.
4. Be sure to proofread your final draft very carefully especially for sentence fragments, run on sentences, commas used incorrectly without accompanying coordinating conjunctions, and spelling errors. Be sure to use your commas correctly with subordinating conjunctions. Be sure your verb tenses are consistent.
5. Remember to use some of the sentence combining techniques weve learned, especially the use of coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.
6. Be sure to use a variety of transition words.
7. When using quotations, be sure that you use your quotation marks correctly, and if quoting indirectly, be sure that you have changed the sentence structure to represent an indirect quote.
8. Be sure that you avoid all plagiarism. Plagiarism under any circumstances will not be accepted.
9. Remember to practice in your writing what we have studied in class. Therefore, your essay must use correctly all grammar that we have studied in class to this point in time. Any additional grammar that we study before the essay is due must also be used correctly in your essay.
10. Be sure your essay answers the essay prompt and is a minimum of three typed pages, double spaced. You must use New Times Roman, 12 point font. Begin your essay approximately at the same point where the directions on this paper start. Your margins should approximately one inch on each side.
11. Failure to do any of the items found in this list will lower your grade. Do not throw away points simply because you failed to follow directions. Be sure to take your essay to the Core for evaluation before you turn it in. Turn in your final draft.

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