Explaining the Developing World to a Space Alien: A Response Paper

A Space Alien Has Just Landed and Wants to Talk to You

Imagine that you walk outside your house or apartment one night to find an alien spacecraft has landed.  From the spacecraft, a humanoid-type figure appears and its approaches you.  Terrified, you stand still as it approaches you.


It begins to speak English to you and says the following, “My people have been observing your little planet Earth for thousands of years now.  We have found that over time your planet and the people on it seem to be more and more alike.  This is even as you come from many different races, nationalities, religions, speak thousands of different languages, and come from countries of scarcity (developing world) and prosperity (developed world).  There are issues that face people from the developing world that are also faced by people from the developed world.  I want to know more about one of those issues and how it affects peoples from developed and developing regions of the world in the same or different ways.”

Response Paper Directions

Pick an issue which affects people from the developed and developing world.  Think about how that issue impacts the lives of people from both regions of the world.  Write a 3-page (minimum) to 6-page (maximum) response to the question posed by the alien.  In your discussion, please briefly discuss the basics of the issue and then talk about how the issue is faced by the people of the developing world.  Then, using the same issue, discuss how it affects the people of the developed world in a similar or different manner.

If you are originally from the developed world, you can also use your own life experience to compare how that issue is faced by people from the developing world.  If you are originally from the developing world, you can also use your own life experience to compare how that issue is faced by people from the developed world.  You do need to use sources (primary and/or secondary sources) in your paper.  This is not an opinion piece.  It is a critical analysis of the issue selected where you can use personal reflection to add additional information to the paper.


Requirements for Writing Assignment:

The following points are to be followed when writing the paper for this class:
Format Criteria
  • Length:  3-6 pages (approximately 725 words to 1450 words)
  • Documentation:  Please use one of the following citation formats: MLA, APA, ASA, Turabian or Chicago Manual Style.  Do not use footnotes.  If you want to use the footnote method, please convert them into endnotes and place them at the end of the paper.  Anything that is not your own original thought or original words should be cited in the paper. If you have any questions concerning citation of sources for this paper, please see the course instructor.
  • All papers must be typed, double-spaced.
  • Students do not need to include a title page.  The student’s name does not need to be on the electronic version of the paper because by submitting the electronic copy your name will be associated with the paper in the system.
  • Margin requirements: 1 inch on the left, right, top, and bottom (Make sure to check this before writing the paper as often word processors are set at 1.25 inches on the left.)  Also, be sure to not have an extra space between paragraphs.  In Word, when a hard return is entered, it often adds an additional space between paragraphs.  Please remove these extra spaces and have only double space throughout the entire paper.  If you have questions concerning how to do this, please feel free to contact the professor.
  • All pages should have page numbers in the lower right hand corner of the page.
  • Times New Roman font only and 12-size font only.  (Use of other fonts or sizes is strictly prohibited.)
Points To Include in Your Response
  • Discuss the issue you have picked, in brief.  Assume the space alien has some general knowledge about the issue but needs more details.
  • Create a thesis statement which discusses the topic and whether it affects people in the developing and developed world in the same manner or in a different manner.  Please be sure to pick a position (i.e., affects the two peoples the same or affects them differently).
  • Present evidence to support your thesis.  Use primary or secondary sources (books, peer-reviewed journal articles, newspaper or magazine articles, etc.) as evidence.  You can also use personal accounts for some of your evidence (either your own life or someone who you interview for the paper).  Be sure to note in the body of the paper or in the bibliography when using information from your own life or from someone else’s life experience.  In the case of someone else’s life being used as evidence, treat it as an interview in the citing of it.  In using your own personal account, please be sure to use the personal pronoun “I” or use the terminology “The author …”.  Any questions can be directed to the professor.
  • Be sure to present a conclusion which ties your paper together.

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