Explain what you remember feeling about having committed the act.

espond to all parts of the topic below with a complete response of 100150 words. Include at least one APA 6th edition formatted citation reference to the course material to demonstrate new learning and to give credit to the source of your ideas. Engage in ongoing, productive conversation with a minimum of two of your classmates throughout the unit. Your peer responses should be at least 50 words, and they must be substantive. For instance, you might draw a conclusion, ask a question, or offer additional resources on the topic.
Respond to all parts of the topic below in a single post.
Think back to the earliest deviant act that you remember committing.
Describe the act in as much detail as you can remember.
Describe how you remember people reacting to your deviance.
Finally, explain which theory of deviance you think best explains why you committed this early deviant act?
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