Explain the groups (violence against women) experience and issues using relevant sociological theory: why the inequality occurs and the impact of it on individuals, communities and society.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for your peers about social inequality in Australia, focusing on the impacts on the social group “Violence Against Women”. Include the following elements in your presentation: 1. Overview of the issues (1-2 slides suggested): Outline the structure of the presentation eg., intro, main argument, context/background, theory, key examples, etc). Introduce the topic. 2. (10 slides suggested) Relevant theories will differ according to topics chosen: e.g. feminism for violence against women 3. (10 slides suggested) Ways forward: this part of your work recognises that positive social change does occur. Consider the influence of both social movements and policy initiatives. What has happened historically that has had a positive effect – What is currently happening that contributes to social justice and social change (equality), What could happen in the future. Presentations will have a minimum of 8 sources of scholarly material – this means books, book chapters, peer reviewed journal articles. Reports and organisational website information, media articles are good sources of information too but should not dominate your reference list as they are not usually focused on stats and facts and not understanding how and why inequality occurs.

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