Explain one specific purpose for conducting a program evaluation in that human services organization.

Program Evaluation: Purpose and usefulness Journal
Program evaluations is both essential and useful for human services administrators. Conducting a program evaluation can serve multiple purpose for human service organizations. It is important for administrators to know how to use a program evaluation to appraise programs and services offered by their organizations. Exploring program evaluation provides you with valuable information about how evaluation about how evaluation is useful in human services administration.
Provide one example that illustrates how program evaluation might be utilized for this purpose. Support the response with references to the learning resources. Draw a conclusion about the usefulness of program evaluation in assessing human services programs and services. Week 3: Program Evaluation Samples Note: You are not expected to read the entire program evaluation you select. Instead, review the summary or conclusions area to gather the information you need for the assignment. Piper, B., & Korda, M. (2011). EGRA plus: Liberia. Program evaluation report. RTI International. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the ERIC database. Gaubert, J. M., Knox, V., Alderson, D. P., Dalton, C., Fletcher, K., & McCormick, M. (2010). The supporting healthy marriage evaluation: Early lessons from the implementation of a relationship and marriage skills program for low-income married couples. MDRC. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the ERIC database.

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