Explain how the organization of society at the macro level effects your individual troubles at the micro level.

A Millsian View of Social Problems
In your group presentation, you will be focusing on the social constructionist approach to social problems – examining the process of claims-making around a particular social problem.(Racial Stereotyping & Discrimination in the Workplace)
In this paper, you will be using the same topic/social problem (which is Racial Stereotyping & Discrimination in the Workplace) but you will be focusing on the
more objectivist approach of Mills – you will be showing me how a category of personal troubles are really connected to social structure and history.
Mills says the sociological imagination asks three questions: What is the structure of society? Where does this society stand in human history? What varieties of people are there?
This means you should:
Explain how relevant organizations or institutions at the meso level impact this social problem. (example: courts, police departments, schools, hospitals, unions, etc.)
Be intersectional – show how race, class, and gender interact to create certain outcomes – bring in power and privilege to show uneven effects across groups
Ground your issue historically – what historical changes or trends provide context to this social problem

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