Explain how the concept of transcriptome relates to messenger RNA (mRNA).

Watch the video (2)* featuring Sean Carroll discussing the science of evolution and the field of evolutionary-developmental biology (evo-devo).
1. Describe three things you learned from the video.
2. Tell me what these things teach us about biology.Lokiarchaeum Article. Read about Lokiarcheum in the article by Yong (2)* and/or the article by Zimmer (3)*. Both articles describe recently discovered evidence about a previously unknown organism. Address issue (a) (a) Lokiarchaeum may be a transitional form between archaea and eukarya. What evidence suggests this?The phytoplankton that brought Earth to life. Review the video (1)* about the “phytoplankton that brought Earth to life” In this clip, which is under 5 minutes in length, Penny Chisholm discusses a tiny phytoplankton called Prochlorococcus. Based on that video, please address the following:
(a) What is the importance of Prochlorococcus for life on the planet Earth, both historically and in the present day?
(b) Explain what the known geographic variations in Prochlorococcus tell us about relationships between organisms and their environments.Watch the instructor’s video about “-omics” (1)*, in the Instructor Insights section.
Note: If you choose this discussion topic, your answer must be based on the material specifically covered in the video, rather than generic information on omics from the internet. If you would rather research information from the internet, then choose discussion Topic 3.
o (a) Explain the concept of genome.
o (c) Describe at least two additional things that you learned from the video.

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