Explain and demonstrate an understanding of core marketing principles.

Select a specific product or specific service from which specific potential customer demographics can be determined from a market analysis.
Evaluate the feasibility of a products/services marketplace success based on market research, trends, and competitive/customer analysis.
Prepare a well-developed marketing strategy for a product/service whose feasibility has been deemed possible in the marketplace, or prepare a well-developed marketing plan for a new business product/service, or the introduction of a new product/service in an existing company.
Recall knowledge and facts about marketing strategy.
This project is estimated at 15 hours. You may need to spend up to 10 hours reading/studying/researching. This leaves 5 hours to think and write.
The project is expected to be 12 pages minimum (does not include references, appendices) single spaced. It can be longer, but must be single spaced. It needs to follow ALL the project criteria as explained in the Blackboard Announcement.
It is strongly recommended that you find one specific business to work with through all three projects in this course since each project builds toward the next. This will prevent you from having to start researching from scratch for each project. While each project will still require extensive research, you will have already completed a lot of core market and industry research that will continue to assimilate with each minor project into the major project.
Content: Write a business analysis summary. Note here that this assignment expects you to analyze the data and information, not merely report it. That requires you to research in the Regent business databases, and to support all of your key points and statements (i.e., citations and references). Wikipedia is not considered an academic resource.
You can use bullet points where appropriate and short statement sentences, but be sure to provide context, background information, and explanations where necessary. No need for long prose or narrative for this project other than for background context and explanations. It is expected to be detailed and in-depth from the research and analysis you perform. That means you need to research well beyond the textbook and include database research from Regent’s library resources, or other popular press resources. Your resource bibliography should be at least one page long. It can be longer.
Use your own business, your specific idea for a business (or even a product or service), a friend’s business, a client’s business, or the business/organization for which you work. It can be a for-profit enterprise or a not-for-profit organization. It will help if you have access to information about the business and its operations/processes. That’s where knowing the owners/operators of the business can be of strategic importance to you. The smaller the business, the easier it is for you to access information. Large corporations can be so complex that it can take months to do research.
Format: You need to invest the time to format this as a professionally-prepared and visually-appealing proposal. It is strongly recommended that you use graphs, charts, diagrams, photos, and other visual images which best communicate the content of this project.
Each of these projects are for you to formally present, or for presentation to CEOs, CFOs, and COOs who dont typically take a lot of time to read long narratives. They want the facts and to comprehend the document in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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