Exemplification Essay * Using any or all of the three article databases (ProQuest, EBSCO, and/or the LexisNexis), research the Dialectal Variation as it relates to linguistics, and write a paper in which you inform the reader about the topic. Integrate a minimum of three sources. Do not use reference works such as dictionaries, Wikipedia, Amazon, websites, or the like as sources. You must use scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. * Do not write the essay in the first or second person narrative voice. Instead, write in the third person. We generally use third person exclusively in academic or scholarly writing, unless we are specifically directed to use first person. With Written Assignment 1, your paper was in first person, since it was about a connection you made to your own life–a personal connection. * Remember that an informative paper does not include the writer’s feelings or opinions, but simply informs the reader about a topic. You are the expert and you are presenting information to a general audience. In this regard, it is not a claim-driven paper. A thesis statement is required, but the contents of the thesis must be fact rather than claim based. The writer must not be personally present in this essay. * Paper should be in MLA format with at least three cited sources as noted above. Remember that the paper should have in-text parenthetical citations and a separate Works Cited page at the end with sources in alphabetical order.

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