Examine the problems of contemporary health and illness. Demonstrate the role of the global citizen.

Assignment 1 Please use the grading rubric to create an outline of your assignment. Each section of the rubric should be a section of your final paper and could become the headings. Your assignment will be graded based on each element of the rubric. Compare each section of your paper with the rubric to ensure all elements are covered. Then, include an introduction and conclusion to tie the paper together. If you have any questions regarding the assignment please contact your instructor using the Course Help forum. Professional Development Plan (PDP) Part 1 Reflect upon your experience in the RN-BSN Program (working as a program manager in the Hospital setting) and how you have met each program learning outcome. Summarize the findings in a 5-7 page paper in APA format which address the 10 RN-BSN Program Learning Outcomes as defined in the Grading Rubric. Assume leadership roles on multidisciplinary teams within health care organizations. Enhance professional nursing practice through the use of research and evidence-based practice. Integrate methods of research and scholarship to make and prioritize diagnoses. Design care for individuals, groups and communities. Incorporate methods of health promotion and education in nursing care of individuals, families and groups with simple to complex health care needs. Accept accountability and responsibility for professional judgment and actions. Integrate professional values and role behaviors. Collaborate with other groups to shape health policies that affect both individual and community health. Compose your findings in 5-7 page paper in APA format. Include a minimum of four scholarly references.

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