examine how various worldviews are portrayed in popular media.

The purpose of this assignment is to learn how our lives are directly influenced by a biblical worldview. Select one movie or television show to watch for which worldviews are portrayed and how, and have the film or TV show approved by your instructor this session. The television show should be one a family can watch together. Some movie suggestions are listed below. If you choose to watch a television show, watch at least two episodes of the show. Suggested movies (but not limited to): Les Miserables (1998) Rated PG-13 Chariots of Fire Rated PG Star Wars Rated PG-13 Inherit the Wind (1960) Rated PG Contact Rated PG Lars and the Real Girl Rated PG-13 A River Runs Through It – Rated PG-13 The Terminal – Rated PG-13 Avatar Rated PG-13 In a 2 – 3 page paper, analyze the portrayal of worldviews by evaluating the dialog and actions of the characters. Your paper will be evaluated based upon your ability to identify the worldview(s) depicted in the characters. Be sure to provide specific evidence from the film or the television show that supports your analysis and illustrate how those elements are components within a worldview, including characters quotes or examples from scenes that specifically demonstrate that worldview. Please recall that this is not a movie review, but an analysis. It does not matter if you liked the movie or not, but you need to demonstrate that you understand the worldviews presented in the movie. Include a title page and a reference page (not included in the 2 3 page requirement) and format the paper according to APA guidelines.

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