Evaluate ONE peer-reviewed article that discusses your social issue problem and how it is portrayed by the media (ideally this would be focused on your social issue and problem, but this may be difficult to find – so an article on TV, radio, internet, movies is OK).

– See Finding Peer Reviewed Journals guidelines for how to find a peer-reviewed journal article through the APUS online library (under weekly Lessons)

5) Write-up your paper
a) Cover Page
b) Clearly identify your chosen social issue/problem.
a. Why are you interested in studying this?
c) Write-up your analysis of how this social issue/problem is addressed in the 5 songs you chose
a. NOTE: this is the majority of your paper. It is a ‘comparative critical’ analysis of how your chosen social issue/problem is addressed in these songs. It is NOT a summary of each song, and it should not include cutting and pasting the lyrics of all of the songs into the paper.

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