Ethics Law and professionalism

Write an essay in which a situation/interaction/moral dilemma
is examined from ethical, legal and professional
perspectives 2500words

Choose a suitable scenario/interaction/moral dilemma from your first placement OR one of the essay case studies (scenario), you should choose a situation that involves a moral dilemma so that you can write about learning outcome 4.
Scenario 1: Mr Smith is a 67 year old widowed gentleman admitted to the Medical Admissions Unit (MAU) with a urinary tract infection (UTI). Doctors have prescribed a course of intravenous (IV) antibiotics to treat the UTI and prevent complications such as septicaemia, which can lead to death. The UTI has caused Mr Smith to become very confused and he is refusing all treatment. The multidisciplinary team (MDT) including nurses and doctors and the patient’s family have all tried to explain to Mr Smith how important it is to have the IV antibiotics, But he still refuse The MDT decided that Mr Smith did not have the Capacity to make an informed decision They decided that it was in his best interests’ to have the prescribed treatments, which they therefore continued to give.

Scenario 2: Miss Brown, a 50 year old single lady, was found by paramedics in a collapsed state at home after taking an overdose of medications. The medications included strong opioids, which had been prescribed for chronic pain relief caused by rheumatoid arthritis. When Miss Brown arrived in the Emergency Department by ambulance the antidote for opioids (naloxone) was administered Miss Brown regained consciousness for a minute and stated they she did not want to be treated; she wishes to die. Miss Brown then lost consciousness

MY TUTOR ALSO STATED THAT I SHOULD PUT INFORMATION SUCH AS; Moral obligations, Moral rights, Moral virtues, Moral theories, Other concepts such as informed consent, confidentiality, coercion, beneficence, non-malificence, law, respect for autonomy, consequentialism, Patients legal rights (e.g. to refuse Treatment, Accountability), NMC Code, Standards of conduct from e.g. the Code, academic literature & National Service, Frameworks (NSFs), Record keeping, NMC Student guide.


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