1. Create and analyze a dilemma using the steps to analyze a dilemma in the following categories:
Be sure and describe the situation and identify the nature of the dilemma when following the steps. You may use reference resources to strengthen your essay response. 30 pts.
A .Employment
b. Neighborhood
c. Family

2. Define the following terms and demonstrate you understand the concept by providing an example. 5 pts each/20 pts.
a. Ethics
b. Cultural Relativism
c. Ethical Pluralism
d. Ethical absolutism

3. You are a student in a class where your criminal justice professors believe in the honor system on exams. They do not think that students who will become criminal justice professionals have to be watched for cheating since they should have an ethical core that should prevent them from cheating. You have observed three students who consistently cheat on the exam and make unusually high scores that set the curve of the exam that some students, including you, are making lower grades than normal. 50 pts.
a. Explain the ethical dilemma
b. Analyze the dilemma using the steps for analysis
c. Identify what you would do in this situation and why. Discuss if your response is the same or different from the first time you were presented with this dilemma in class.


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