Write a five- to six-page (1,250- to 1,350-word) essay on one of topics below.

1. Discuss the importance of female friendship in three stories of Alice Munro.

2. Find an episode other than ��The Bridge�� from In the Skin of a Lion and write an explication of its important imagery. You could, for instance, analyze the ��spirit picture�� episode, or the saving of the cow at the very beginning of the novel, or the water-intake scene at the very end. What do you think Ondaatje is communicating, as a whole, through the key images in these episodes? How does Ondaatje use urban development and industrial technologies as a metaphor for other themes of In the Skin of a Lion? You could, for instance, analyze the development of the Bloor Street Viaduct, of ��The Bridge�� episode, or changing technologies in the forestry industry. At times, characters rely on traditional methods instead of embracing technologies. How does the tension between tradition and progress help us to understand larger themes of the novel?

3. Find an evocative figure of speech or image from Regeneration. In light of the discussion in the Study Guide, show the foregrounding of this image, and give a well-supported explication of it. How does it differ from the general type of imagery found in In the Skin of a Lion?

4. Compare ��The Bridge�� episode in In the Skin of a Lion to one of the many graphic scenes of war in Regeneration. How do Ondaatje and Barker use shocking imagery to reinforce the themes of their novels?

5. Write a paper that supports or counters the idea that Barker is demystifying military heroism in Regeneration. Remember that continuity and coverage (the amount and quality of your illustration) are key to making your analysis persuasive.

This should be a longer, more fully argued academic essay than Essay 1. It should demonstrate the skills for research, comparison, and revision that you’ve learned through your previous assignments.

Essay 2 should:

Incorporate the feedback offered by your discussion group, where appropriate. You should also review your tutor-marker’s comments on your earlier assignments; some of these will be helpful in preparing and editing this essay.
Cite a secondary source you have found through your own library research, rather than a selection from the Research Folder. You’ll find exercises and a discussion of how to do this research in Units 6 and 7 of the Modules. Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.
Include a ‘Works Cited’ page listing all primary and secondary sources. It is expected that you will now demonstrate a clear understanding of the MLA and SFU Department of English guidelines for citation and documentation.
Include an appendix containing the relevant pages from all the secondary sources you’ve used.

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