Environmental Protection is More Important than Economic Profits


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Environmental Protection is More Important than Economic Profits

The environment and economy are two competing factors, which leave many states in a dilemma today. It is some kind of a test. These two are interdependent and therefore policies of one of them affect the other. This is why; there must be clear boundaries on which one is given priority over the other. Once this is established, it becomes easier to strike a balance between these two. The contemporary society is highly industrialized and overpopulated. This has forced states to ensure their economic viability for survival. Given the increased world population, there is a strain on the natural resources as people depend on natural resources to advance industrially and technologically. Today, because of the rivalry between environmental protection and economic profits, countries have failed to implement their different laid down environmental policies effectively, and this has put the environment at a greater risk of continued degradation, which will be detrimental to the human population in future.

The debate whether to make environmental protection a priority or not applies to all world countries. In most countries, all corporations and businesses must have their environmental policy; this shows how crucial the environment is. However, do corporations fulfil their environmental policies, or is it just for a show? Today, scientists and other experts recognize the looming effects of the environmental hazard. Therefore, corrective measures should be taken today to ensure restoration of the environment, than waiting until things go out of hand. Natural law does not forgive, then why provoke it yet its wrath is hard to withstand?

The environment today is in a pathetic state. The amount of natural forests cleared is devastating. It is saddening how humans are mercilessly strangling Mother Nature, and yet it is from her they get their breath of life. Humans destroy the environment in pursuit of their economic establishments. The knowledge humans lack is that once they are done destroying mother nature, all their technological and industrial advances, and booming economies will count as nothing when mother nature’s provoked ghost comes back to haunt them. Their mega economies will be destroyed, including the populations, and this is quite derogatory. It is therefore sensible that states change their greedy ways and stop overexploiting the environment in pursuit of their economic ambitions. The desires for economic profits should not override the importance of the environment.

Global warming is already here with us. This has resulted in a great instability in the environment. Its effects are witnessed every day. The tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, and floods cause great destructions in the affected countries, lives are lost, property destroyed, infrastructure destroyed, and families displaced. Scenes from the more recent hurricane Sandy can attest to this. This destroyed communication lines, buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, in addition to the loss of lives and displacements of families. This will cost the USA millions of dollars to fix. Therefore, establishing the economy at the expense of the environment is like a zero-sum game. The environment will always get back to us and damage the economies. Therefore, the environment proves that it is the most important.

Environmental protection is a matter of life and death in all countries. Today individuals, states, scientists and countries in general realize that the future of the planet earth is in dire need of safeguarding, due to the environmental massacre that is witnessed today, all in the name of economic advancement. The main elements in state economies, which lead to environmental degradation, are the by-products from industries. Industrialization is good for human survival as it positively influences the economy. However, lack of controlled industrialization is what causes environmental protection and economic profits to be at loggerheads. Today, we experience a conflict between manufacturers for economic profits and the naturalistic groups and individuals who are for environmental safety.

In order to save the environment today, states must adopt newer environmental policies and implement them effectively, so that a balance is strike between environmental protection and economic profits. Governments should enact laws to control all unsafe ecological wastes. On overexploitation of natural resources, governments should support scientific researches with an aim of discovering methods necessary for regulation of use of scare natural resources and replacement with alternative ones. However, this may take a long time to be realized, as it will be hard for governments to negotiate between manufacturers and the environmentalists.

To a bigger extent, governments are a let-down in the initiative of environmental protection. They continually fail to arbitrate between the opposing forces, environmentalists and manufacturers; and the genuineness of this failure is questionable. This is because governments comprise wealthy individuals, most are entrepreneurs, own companies and big businesses, and so economy means a lot to them. They therefore will only concentrate on passing business policies and not environmental policies. This bias in governments is also because of lobbyings by corporations and industrialists.

Entrepreneurs and manufacturers believe that their production process should be devoid of any obstacles. They therefore regard environmental policies as obstacles to the multiplication of their profits. Development of economies in countries takes advantage of the environment, especially the natural resources. Today economists are bitter and claim that concerns regarding the environment have had adverse effects on their businesses. Governments are in a dilemma as they have the moral obligation of protecting the environment as well as the civil responsibility of upholding their economies through industrial competition. Although governments today attempt to strike a balance between environmental safeguarding and economic profits, they still exhibit some bias because of personal economic interests.

Apart from the government, chemists and physicists have a role to play. These could discover alternative resources of natural resources, which are increasingly reducing. They can also discover efficient methods of using the scarce natural resources. In addition, they can introduce ways of recycling and self-sustenance methods in order to prolong the use of the scarse resources. This will alleviate depletion rate of these resources.

The faster the industrialists realize the damage they are putting on modernization the better. This should be in form of policies developed for them. Entrepreneurs should be compelled by policies to pay for environmental damages they cause. This money should then be invested in environmental research to identify ecological damages of factories, in order to establish their corrective methods. Today, both the environment and world economy are in a crisis. However, the environmentalists, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and governments have their own ways of explaining this phenomenon. Despite this, all these groups need to unite and come up with strategies that will equally support the environment and economy. Choosing between environmental protection and economic profits is one of the greatest human dilemmas; however, environmental protection should be prioritized for sustainable economic development. Humans should conquer the greed for wealth and power in order to the survival of world populations and other species. Failure to observe this will make future generations to experience an economic and environmental crash, which might be threatening to human existence.

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