Environmental factor– Nitrogen Oxide

Presentation slides must include a reference list either as the last slide to the presentation or on a separate sheet of A4. A total of around 10-15 slides is recommended.
40% is the minimum pass mark for this assignment.
The following features may be useful to consider as a guide of what to emphasise:
The following features will be assessed on a individual basis.
Content 40%
Well constructed argument with evidence of creative thinking, illustrated with research and policy based examples
Critical analysis 30%

Critical evaluation of appropriate evidence.

Communication 15%

Ability to communicate clearly, without over reliance on notes.

The following features will be assessed on a group basis.

Structure, time management, visual aids/tables, answering questions

10% The presentation should flow i.e. introduction, body, conclusion with no repetition. Students are expected to adhere strictly to the time limit of 15 minutes. Visual appearance of the slides including clarity of text and use of diagrams and charts will be considered. Your ability to answer questions about your topic at the end will be considered.



Integrated use of relevant, recent, key references from a range of sources. Any materials you have referenced must be acknowledged according to the referencing format shown in Pears and Shields (2010) ‘Cite them Right’. You may also include a bibliography if you wish.


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