Enfleshing Freedom M. shawn copeland

REL 103 Study Guide for Final April/May 2014 Doyle sections 10 and 14

On the actual exam you will answer one essay question on Isidore. Prepare to answer any two of the following three essay questions. At the time of the exam, I will eliminate one question. You can then choose to answer one of the remaining two questions.

This will be an open book and open notes exam. Feel free to make notes and outlines as you like. You can study along with other students, but be sure to make your own notes and outlines. Nearly identical answers will be down-graded. You can do everything short of writing out your essay beforehand. Do not write out full paragraphs ahead of time. Do not cut and paste on to Isidore. Be sure to actually compose and write your essay into the box on Isidore.

My basic expectation is that it should take a native speaker about an hour or so to write out their essay. Everyone will be given the full hour and fifty minutes to complete the exam, however.

I am looking for an essay that shows:
-familiarity with the assigned reading materials
-familiarity with material as covered in class
-good understanding and insight into the materials covered
2. Draw upon Pope Benedict’s DCE #12 through #18 as well as a range of material from Copeland’s Enfleshing Freedom to make a comparison between how they interpret at least three of the following:

the meaning of Christ’s death on the cross inclusivity

the Body of Christ solidarity

love as more than sentiment or feeling connecting Eucharist and how life is lived


After comparing the two works on at least three of these points, make a summary point or two arguing whether these two works overall (#12-18 DCE and passages from Copeland) are more similar or more different and why.
Note: 1- I need the outline for this paper.
2- it requires the (Enfleshing Freedom M. shawn copeland) book

Intro & Chapter 1, focus 12-18

Chapter 2, focus mid 29-mid 38

Chapter 3, focus mid 73-mid 84

Chapter 4, focus 95-105

Chapter 5, 117-128

and you must go over these chapters.

3- http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/encyclicals/documents/hf_ben-xvi_enc_20051225_deus-caritas-est_en.html – the other text.

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