Encounter Point video

the instructor show us a movie in class called Encounter Point . and he asked us to write about the movie that we watched . He gave us instruction for this paper to follow . the instruction has some question that we must answer in the paper. I will attach the instruction for you … thank you

“Encounter Point” is a film about people who have dedicated their lives to trying to resolve the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict through non-violence means. Briefly (5-6 pages) answer the following questions:

• Do particular scenes or the film in general, present the conflict as between two equal or symmetrical parties?
• Audience members often comment that the film is not “balanced”—some perceive it as favoring the
Palestinian side, others as favoring the Israeli side.
• Would you identify specific parts or the film in general, as “pro-Israeli” or
• What would a “balanced” film mean in the context of this conflict?
• Do you recommend the video for other viewers?

• Which character in the film did you identify with the most and why?
• Very briefly, do you believe “non-violence” method is a good tool in resolving conflicts?

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