Emergency management

For this Assignment, you will focus on Hurricane Katrina. Review the Executive Summary and Investigation Overview (pp. 1–26) in the Katrina report.

Source: gpo.gov. Retrieved from http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/search/pagedetails.action?browsePath=109/HRPT/%5B300%3B399%5D&granuleId=CRPT-109hrpt377&packageId=CRPT-109hrpt377

Based on your review of the Executive Summary and Investigation Overview, write a 3–page paper that describes how you would have applied the four incident management principles of: 1) Mitigation, 2) Preparedness, 3) Response, and 4) Recovery, to make effective decisions during the Katrina emergency.
Explain why you would have taken the approach. What would the results might have been had your approach been implemented during Katrina?

Note: This Assignment will require outside research. Use at least two credible sources beyond the text material and discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used.
APA include page for in-test citation

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