Emergency Management and disaster

my class is emergency management and disasters. i need you to write 5 pages and using 6 FEMA peer reviewed references . the 5 pages should cover the following:
1. Address the Comprehensive Emergency Management concerns.
2. Address the concerns regarding communication.
3. Address the management, leadership, and decision making.
4. Address the needed technical skills for tackling the issues.
5. Address the political and legal contexts.
6. Address the social and ethical contexts .

**Be sure to provide in-text citations for the references (government documents, per-reviewed articles, textbooks) utilized within your answers. You MUST provide an APA Reference page

make these mentioned above to fit to any kind of disaster so make it suitable in all disasters in general.you need to do as much as you can to put citations.

i am going to use this paper for case study because that i need it to fit to any kind of disaster like flooding, hurricane, snow storm, sand storm, etc.

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