Effects of Losing a Job


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Effects of Losing a Job

Losing a job is one of the most stressful things a person can experience. This affects individual and their families. If a person loses their job, they consider themselves a failure in society. This feeling will leads to low self-esteem and self-worth, and alters normal life. Different people are affected in different ways by loss of a job. Some may experience the effects immensely, while others may quickly get over it. This paper focuses mainly on how this life-altering event of losing a job affects an individual, and their immediate families.

The immediate effect of losing a job is income. Most people do not have emergency savings, and depend on their salaries for their basic needs. When such lose their jobs, they lack income to spend on their needs. Their lifestyle changes for the worst, as they cut down on luxuries. People with responsibilities are most affected. In extreme cases, such families turn to state programs to get food. This situation leads to struggle and worries for survival.

Anxiety results when people lose their jobs. They become depressed and feel sadness and grief. They may feel a deep loss, or betrayal, depending on the cause of their job loss. Anxiety makes them emotional unstable, and affects their psychological health negatively, evident in their behaviors. Their emotional instability may cause their families to worry about them, which is not also god for their psychological health (Kail and Cavanaugh 450).

Homelessness results when people lose their jobs. Most will be unable to pay their mortgages and rent, resulting in foreclosures and evictions. Some families may move into their relatives’ homes, or remain homeless. This also negatively affects education of children as they are forced to change schools. They have to separate from close friends, and cope with a new learning environment. This affects their social life negatively as they may feel lonely.

In conclusion, loss of job is unpleasant event, and has all the negative effects. It happens unexpectedly. People therefore need to embrace the habit of saving to brace themselves for the unexpected future events. This lessens the effects of job loss.


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