effect of raising high-density protein (HDL-C) by niacin and fibrate alone or comined with statin therapy on cardiovascular outcome

I have 14 articles to conduct a systematic review examining the effect of raising the HDL-C by fibrate alone and niacin alone or combined with statin therapy on cardiovascular events. cardiovascular events are major coronary event “defined as nonfatal myocardial infraction (MI) and cardiac death”, stroke “fatal or nonfatal and ischemic or haemorrhagic” as well as cardiovascular disease events “major coronary event, stroke, hospitalization for acute coronary syndrome or revascularization procedure”.
I looking for best writer to write results part (2200 words/4 pages)
I have attached a relevant articles
and results of HDL-C and LDL-C in table and document contain what I need in more details. My aim is grade (A)

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