Kan, M.Y., Sullivan, O. and Gershunny, J. (2011) ‘Gender Convergence
in Domestic Work: Discerning the Effects of International and
Institutional Barriers from Large-scale Data,’ Sociology, vol. 45 no.2.
pp 234-251.

Williamson, M. and Khiabany, G. (2010) ‘UK: The veil and the politics of
racism’ Race and Class, vol. 52. No.2. pp 85-96.


Reading log and literature review, 1,100 words total

1)    The Reading Log:
Pick ONE reading from this module guide to use for your assessed work.  Use the grid example below to write a Reading Log.  Please make sure you have listed your chosen literature at the top (correctly presented) and written approximately 500 words in total.


List the main ideas in the text:    Give you  response to each point:

•    1…

•    2…

•    3…

•    4…

(what do I think about it)

(how do I feel about it)

(how does this impact on  and relate to my future thinking)/study

2)    The Literature Review:
Using the SAME reading, now follow the writing frame below to develop the points needed for your literature review.  Remember, you are trying to make this a flowing piece of academic writing, so use the suggested paragraphs to construct your work.

Present  the main concepts and theories within this piece of literature, using references where appropriate

Approx 150 words

Explain your understanding of key concepts, supporting your views with both experience and referenced  evidence

Approx 200 words

Examine these concepts in relation to other texts you have read on your programme, using references where appropriate.

Approx 250 words

Summarise your points and reach a succinct conclusion.

Approx 150 words

Now include a correctly presented reference list.

You must use the Harvard referencing system and include a full reference list at the end of your work.

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