Final Exam Project/Paper
This independent project centers on On Education by Harry Brighouse. You are to write a critical essay of approximately 8 pages on Brighouse’s text. This critical essay must have the following components:

1. A brief exegesis of Brighouse’s main perspective on education. This should take you no more than one to two pages.

2. A more thorough and complete exegesis of Brighouse’s arguments in one chapter of your choice from among the following chapters:

o Chapter Five, “Should Governments Support Religious Schools?”
o Chapter Six, “Should Schools Teach Patriotism?”
o Chapter Seven, “Should Citizenship Education Be Compulsory?”

In this section of your essay, you should: i.) carefully articulate the detailed arguments offered by Brighouse in the chosen chapter and ii.) relate how those arguments fit into the overall perspective of the rest of his text. This section should constitute the main body of your essay.

3. A careful, original and cogent critical evaluation of Brighouse’s arguments in the chosen chapter. We are not primarily interested in whether you agree or disagree with his conclusions. Rather, we are interested in your evaluation of the effectiveness of his arguments. (You could, of course, agree with his conclusions but believe he has argued for it ineffectively.) In this critical evaluation, you have essentially two choices: you can claim that his arguments are compelling or you can claim that they fail to provide sufficient reasons for accepting his conclusions. If you find the argument faulty, you must state exactly where you believe he failed and why. (Again, this is not the same as claiming you disagree with his conclusion). If, on the other hand, you claim his arguments are compelling, you must explain how a more harsh critic might find fault with his arguments and then you must defend his arguments against that critique. This segment of your paper will typically be shorter than the exegesis found in Section 2, but more substantial than the summary in Section 1 of your paper.

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