this is the source and you have to write from this source: Harris Lawton, Pamela. (November 2010). Hand-in Hand, Building Community on Common Ground Art Education, v63 n6, November 2010 p6-12.

Guided Questions 1. Describe the community-based art education service-learning project that this article discusses. Who was the community partner for the project and what was the purpose of the partnership? What community need is the project designed to meet specifically? What social issue or

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problem does it address? Why do you think the instructor chose this model for teaching her class? 2. What is community-based art education? Discuss some of the information presented about experiential learning, the origins of service-learning pedagogy, and how the classroom and community were integrated for the project. How does this model compare to the servicelearning project you are doing for this class? Compared to your major, do you think art education is a good discipline to do service-learning? Imagine and describe a project with this same partner that would aim to connect with and help the same population of homeless people, but with a course from your major instead of art education. 3. What do you think were the biggest challenges for the instructor and students during this project? How about for the community partner? What strategies did they develop together to help make the partnership successful? Discuss the term “social transformation” and how reading about this project impacted you personally. Do you think it was a success… if so, why?

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