Economics of Labour

Answer one of the following questions – 1 essay of 1,500 – 1,800 words

1. ‘Even though it might be considered equally objectionable, it is easier to find a logical economic rationale for labour market discrimination against women than against people of different race and ethnicity’. Discuss with reference to appropriate empirical evidence.

2. Consider the extent to which the growth in supply of labour is driven by issues of participation rather than population growth.

3. ‘When we enter periods in which workers are not interested in the use of strikes as weapons of bargaining, the potential importance of the trade union diminishes and its membership shrinks accordingly’. Discuss with reference to appropriate evidence.

4. Compare the evidence on youth unemployment versus unemployment of males over 50 in a given country since 1980. You must then draw on the relevant academic literature to see if it can satisfactorily explain your findings.

Please use only one of the four questions to write the essay. From the reading list and other papers that I’ll upload use the relevant one’s to answer the question. The basic of the course is 3rd year level Microeconomics, so try to show your understanding of it. Please use simple writing, try not to make it sound complicated when not needed but don’t reduce from the quality. The content should be written in a clear structure and answer the question thoroughly, at the end of the essay the question should be answered completely with a strong conclusion. This is a 3rd year Economics of Leisure module for my Economics undergraduate course, please write it to a high standard as my future depends on it’s grade.

Referencing Requirements:

General reference texts: Theory

The two texts that you may find most useful as reference are:

King, J.E. (1990) Labour Economics (2nd Edition), London: Macmillan

Smith, S. (2003) Labour Economics, (2nd Edition), London: Routledge

Adnett, N. (1996) European Labour Markets: Analysis and Policy, Harlow: Prentice Hall (formerly Longman Publishing)

Bosworth, D., Dawkins, P. & Stromback, T. (1996) The Economics of the Labour Market, Harlow: Longman)

Ehrenberg, R. and Smith, R. (2006) Modern Labor Economics, (9th edition), London: Pearson

Elliot, R.F. (1991) Labour Economics: A Comparative Text, Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill

Sapsford, D. & Tzannatos, Z. (1989) Current Issues in Labour Economics, London: Macmillan

UK: Economic and Labour Market Review (published monthly by Office for National Statistics) – see

US: Monthly Labor Review (published monthly by US Bureau of Labor Statistics) – see

OECD: Employment Outlook (published annually by OECD) –


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