please help me to answer three questions, each question use a page
length. There three to four small questions in each Question, each small
question use a paragraph. Qusetion1: a. Contrast “ imperfect” (or “monopolistic”) competition with “perfect competition”. b. In what way do governments face different constraints and incentives from private enterprises? c. Explain four or more necessary roles for Government in a market economy. Question2: a. Define Public Goods and give several examples. b. Why will markets fail to provide the optimal level of Public Goods? c. Compare and contrast the provision of public goods by 1)private companies, 2)voluntary associations, and 3)government Question3: a. Explain what determines the Demand for Labor. b. What factors determine the Supply for Labor in the market? c. Explain how an increase in the wages offered by employers influences the supply of labor. d. Use an example of labor choice from your own experience to demonstrate the income and substation effects of higher wages. I have already upload the instruction, please pay attention to the sentences that I underline. Please don’t just copy the sentences from some website. Teacher need us use own words to explain each question!This is an Economic course work. Thank you so much~

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